So we got a good bit done today and should be all done by Sunday night, all we are waiting on is the delivery of kettlebells and we are jammin!!

Below is Ross modelling one of the new T-shirts – I hope the personal trainer/gym owner gig doesnt fail because he is tottally fucked and becoming a model!!! 

There is another few styles with different abusive messages on the back and they will be given away to real champions and sold – for how much?? – we don’t know yet, we will decide soon though and let everyone know!

So Paul popped into the gym today to see how it is coming along!  He has just finished chemo about 2 weeks ago and has been given the all clear – he will be the first person on the “wall of Fame”  For some reason I cant get the video onto this page and its getting me so frustrated I want to smash my office up like a maniac – Go to the Superhero Fitness Facebook page and the video is there – when you are there, hit the ‘Like’ button!

That’s Ross – Paul- Neil and the two boys above!

Nice little bit at the entrance/exit to the gym for shooting the shit and getting a great protein shake made for you after an intense workout!  You can even buy a sports drink or water! its up to you! 

The ladders are not a part of the set up,  more weights to come on Wednesday but starting to take shape!

So we are getting there!  This is going to be banging in here – this is pretty unconventional and doesn’t really conform to society so if you are used to commercial gyms with people prancing about telling each other the perfect way to do a bicep curl then you will need a few sessions to adjust to a REAL training facility but once you convert – you will wonder why you didn’t do it ages ago!  Well you couldn’t have done it ages ago – we’ve not opened yet!

Get in touch anyway you want and arrange your first session – everyone will get a session free to see how the gym works and what we are all about!