So we have been bustin’ our balls to get the new facility fitted out – a mention goes to Caleb & Taylor Restoration who have been involved in fitting this place out! Its not only old houses they bring back to life – they can pretty much do anything!! (It’s Neil who is writing this post and Caleb & Taylor is my company – enough of a mention??)

Ill let you know how this all started – Ross – my brother was a fatty fatty and always going up and down weights!  He would go for a month or two working out then go back to sweetie munching!  The one day maybe about a year or two ago he just thought ‘fuck it’ he started researching different training methods and training hard!  Eventually he couldn’t find any of the work out he was doing in mainstream media, magazines like ‘men’s health’ or ‘men’s fitness’ So he decided to do all his own shit!  After going down that path he started to notice guys like ‘Zach Even Esh’ and ‘Joe DeFranco’ they done similar to what Ross done and it seemed like a good crowd to take bits of advice from!! 

From training in a bedroom maybe 10′x10′ to upgrading to a garage – the garage was good fun and we had some great training sessions in there – now he has got his own 2,200 sqft facility just behind Ibrox stadium in Govan, Glasgow!  Just like that!! With a lot of ambition, determination and hard graft we are living the dream!  How many people can say they are doing exactly what they want, the way they want it??  You need to choose it and create the path people!! Nothings given to you! Get to work!!

None of this would be possible without our families – that’s what gets you up in the morning!  A huge thanks has to go to our mum!  Without her upbringing I reckon we would be like the majority of other sad cases in society nowadays with lots of excuses for how we can’t do a certain thing!  You need to remember people that anything is possible with a bit of hard work and vision!

When this place opens it will blow your mind to how fit and strong you can get in a small-ish space with free weights, ropes and your own body weight! Not a treadmill in sight to do damage to you joints and muscles!!  Real training for real people – no pussy footing about here!!  Keep checking us out and hit the Facebook icon at the top of the page to ‘like’ us! great daily updates and offers. We want to get the place fit and strong so get off the couch and get to the Superhero HQ to have the most enjoyable, physically and mentally challenging work out you have ever had! Except no cheap imitations – this is what its all about people!!

Here is a few pics of randoms while it was getting done:

Peace – see you all soon!